giovedì 27 giugno 2013

In the flow of the river

It is, for me, pure pleasure to walk in my shining Rome with people who love to listen to my stories and who are more than empty to fill their gaze with all the beauty the Eternal city can bestow. It has been the case, these last two days, of me and Mike and John. Here we are, the three of us, I, all Roman in flesh and soul, and they, australian, not used to ruins and temples - which are my daily bread - with the sparkle of curiosity flaming high on the crown, more than ready to plunge into beauty and the misteries and secrets that Rome reveals to the happy few...
 All aboard. Here we are, we three, walking under the golden sun of Rome, on the traces of history, trimmed by the joys of modern times. Cars coming and going, and in the Piazza Venezia, raise you eyes to catch a glimpse of Medusa in the eternal dance of greek mith which is always, us unaware, alive and kicking; off we go to admire the one and only dome of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, that spirals up above in a sky the colour of the mantle of the Madonna, like the sacred kundalini; a breathtaking masterpiece of Francesco Borromini. But because we are made of flesh too, a coffee in Sant'Eustachio is what is more than needed. Hurray! Then, off to paradise, in the secret garden of Livia, Augusto's spouse, which is a perfect joy to the eye and to the spirit if only one can leave behind the touristic wave and find Ariadne'd thread, in pure silence, in the flow of the eternal river.
Time to go, time to go home. Up above and down again to earth, when, head in the air, deep in my reveries, I bump on someone on the road. "Sorry!", I say and he replies: "It's nothing". Then, looking straight in my eyes, he continues: "I don't know, but I'd love to be where you are..." In the flow of the river, hand in hand with Dyonisus...