domenica 7 agosto 2016

Like a Barbie doll

My brave ibiscus in prayer...
Rome, in august, is a lady in prayer, empty of men and full of charms. I like to roam, in the first hours of the morning when the sun is still in his pijamas, in the streets that are silver and white, in the absence of people, through the deep silence of thought. I like to roam, here and there, nd slip in one of the church that I love. This morning, just for the joy of bare facts, I was  in Santa Prassede, a beautiful church that stands, deep in solitude, behind Santa Maria Maggiore and that keeps in its holy womb so many beauties that I can hardly talk about them in this short note. All the angels of Paradise gather on its sidewalls and they are so solemn and tall and beautiful that if you listen carefully you might hear the flapping of their wings or the whispers of heaven…

There is a masterpiece bust of Gian Lorenzo Bernini that looks at you through his marble, empty eyes. But of all, in glory of gold, the Chapel of Saint Zenone where the loveliest Madonna, a Barbie doll of the Middle ages, smiles at you from up above, with her dear eyes twinkling in joy and the lovely veil the colour of zapphires. And peace, in the sprinkling of waters, is all around while the heart melts and dances in the cosmos regained.

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